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We believe in design without boundaries. It surpasses genre and centers instead around the way you move through the most sacred of your spaces. Our goal for every home is to design something that is so deeply personal that it cannot be recreated. 

This level of customization requires a great deal of intentionality. We have found that our most inspiring projects share a common thread: transparency. We ask our clients to give us a front seat to their lives—where they host meals for friends, what they do to unwind in the evenings, and how they begin each day.

Kennedy Cole Interior Design's ability to help our clients hone in on what home really means to them and translate that into a curation of textiles, finishes, furnishings, and art is what makes our designs truly timeless, striking, and defined. 



Our work is founded in the belief that design should be an intimate experience. What truly sets our designs apart is our ability to create environments that resonate deeply with our clients. This brand of design—authentic, custom, truly bespoke—is the outcome of mutual trust and a deep dive into the rhythms and rituals of our clients' daily lives. We see every detail as an opportunity to craft something that will not only improve their home, but enhance their lives. 


At Kennedy Cole Interior Design, client-centered design goes beyond service. The unique way that each homeowner lives within their home becomes the foundation of our design plan, with threads of their personality and our own personal inspiration woven throughout. The result is a home with a distinctive feel and tailored functionality within the framework of our signature style. 


Calling Orange County home, our studio is led by co-owners and principal designers Lindsay Stokes Kennedy and Alexandra Cole. Their creative vision for each space is supported by their studio team and a trusted network of trades and vendors. Our services are comprehensive, accounting for every tangible and aesthetic detail that makes up a thoughtfully curated home.


Introducing: The Stonegate Project

In the hills of Rancho Palos Verde, this stunning split level ranch style home went from rancher to hotel level sleek within the year. Take

Introducing: The Stonegate Project

Introducing: The Foxfield Project

Nestled on a quiet street in Yorba Linda, this stunning family home was full of character, but just a bit too outdated for this young family

Introducing: The Foxfield Project

Huntington Harbor Project: Living Quarters

We're taking a trip upstairs in our Huntington Harbor project and touring the bedrooms!

Huntington Harbor Project: Living Quarters

We see every detail as an opportunity to craft something that will not only improve your home, but enhance your life.


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