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West Coast ease meets East Coast refinement.

As a renowned interior design firm in Huntington Beach, we know that no two families are completely alike, which is why we believe that your homes shouldn't be either. We shed the "California coastal" aesthetic, and curate a space that feels uniquely you - whether that means a space for sophisticated dinner parties, a movie room for the whole fam to snuggle, or anything in between, we're here for you.


Our goal for every home is to design something that is so deeply personal that it cannot be recreated. 


Lindsay Stokes Kennedy

Co-Founder, Creative Director

"Our work is founded in the belief that design should be an intimate experience. What truly sets our designs apart is our ability to create environments that resonate deeply with our clients."


With a contagious energy and a passion for bold, unique designs, Lindsay is the creative force behind Kennedy Cole Interior Design. After years in creative career fields, she found interior design as her calling and hasn't looked back.

A west coast native, now calling Southern California home, Lindsay enjoys weekends with her family, always has a joke to share, and never turns down tequila.

Alexandra Cole

Co-Founder, Executive Director

"We see every detail as an opportunity to craft something that will not only improve your home, but enhance your life."


Alex has been designing interiors since the age of 5, crafting the belief that home should be the place that you long to return to. An East-coast transplant with roots around the globe, Alex finds inspiration in Irish castles, Italian marble, and a clean construction site.


Passionate about serving her clients, a lover of a good sunrise, and always up for an adventure, Alex keeps the team on track and oversees the intricacies of everyday.

As Seen In

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Meet The Team

Our Values





We lead with integrity and communicate compassionately, and treat others with respect at all times.

We  approach each facet of our work from an experienced and unique perspective.

We don’t hesitate to take action, or wait for perfection. Consistent, deliberate action leads to success.

We are detail-oriented in everything that we do, delivering quality results and exceeding expectations.

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