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  • Lindsay Stokes Kennedy

Entryway Styling

As spring floods into our homes, we welcome the season’s finest things. Right after the budding flowers and the vacation time with our family, tis the season for cleaning and organization. Naturally, our spring cleaning leads us to focusing on the trouble areas that we use most frequently. We’re here to remind you that while you’re focusing on your newly organized pantry or laundry room, now is not the time to neglect a good first impression! To make sure that your home is as fresh and welcoming as the season, consider sprucing up your entry way in honor of the warmer months ahead.

Entry ways are not only the first thing your guests see when they walk in the door, but they also introduce the style of the rest of your space. Follow our tips below to help create a stunning entry space to welcome you home.


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TIP# 1 - Sometimes, less is more!

n small entries, make it easy on yourself. Prioritize the space, and ability to move freely, over a lot of beautiful pieces. Find space for a small console that can help tuck away the unsightly, but necessary items in your life. Ground the area with a large fiddle leaf or olive tree for a clean and streamlined aesthetic. No matter what space you have to work with, these will be the few pieces that can help to transform your home.

SHOP THE LOOK # 2 - Show Your Style

Your entrance is where every great conversation will begin, so start by saying something about yourself! Pairing chic décor and accessories with picture frames or special heirlooms and keepsakes, you can tell your story from the start. This is the place to create a reflection of your beautiful life for all to see. Decorative candles, that also smell good, can lend a hand to the welcoming environment and make sure that your console has some character as well!

Tip #3 - Blend function with aesthetic

When remodeling, always consider how you tend to use your space. Sometimes curating a style is the easy part and creating a space that functions for you is a bit trickier. By finding the niches in your home and customizing them with a console table that will catch your mail and keys or a custom storage bench for an easy solution to storing and putting on shoes, you can make sure that you love the way you live!


Entries are the most important part of your home. It tells your story for you, welcomes your guest and leaves a lasting impression. Stay tuned for more beautiful tips you can shop now! Not subscribed? What’re you waiting on? Want to find out how to have your entire space designed by us virtually? Contact us here.

Until next time, stay inspired! Xoxo TSD Co.

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