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  • Lindsay Stokes Kennedy

Introducing: The Stonegate Project

Right before we went into lock down, months and months of hard work had just begun. When I mean just begun, I mean that we had just demoed this family of 5's entire house and then were told that we couldn't go outside anymore. Talk about a nightmare! Luckily for us, this amazing mother and client adapted more than anyone ever has in my experience and really made the space for her family to live through a remodel with more stop and go than rush hour traffic. We are so grateful to her for her patience and because of it, we all get to witness her striking new home.

In the hills of Rancho Palos Verde, this stunning split level ranch style home went from rancher to hotel level sleek within the year. Take a look...



A large statement door meets a marble entry that trickles away, welcoming us into a long and narrow great room. An oversized mirror reflects endless light and is sophisticated and sleek.



Replacing a formal living room with a chic and sophisticated lounge allowed room for everyone to share this large room. An angled fireplace makes this room feel moody and unique large custom art in muted hues bring depth and character to a simple space.

KCID INSIDER: Meet the artist! MyLin Stokes Kennedy has studied and taught art expression for the last decade. She created this custom piece for our clients during the pandemic and it's warmth and depth provide a striking and lasting effect.



At the very top of our client's wish list was an island long enough to lay on and so that's what we gave her. A sweeping ___ feet long island sits in the dead center of this space, leading your eyes through the long room. Charcoal leather seating, massive lucite chandeliers and bright and fluid countertops make this modern space feel clean and classic.

Cool woods and cold metals bring the floating dining room to life. A beautiful cerused white oak dining table, with bright linen upholstery seating and shiny polished nickel fixtures makes this modern home feel tailored and timeless.


the Family Room

Finally, we end this lengthy room with a cozy TV corner with a deep window bench, massive swivel chair and perfectly tucked bar for entertaining.


Overlooking the beautiful city of Rancho Palos Verde, we know our Stonegate project will have a place in our hearts forever. I also know our client is glad to finally have her home back to begin making beautiful memories in. Can't wait to show you more of this project soon.

Authentically yours,

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