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  • Lindsay Stokes Kennedy

KCID takes Las Vegas Design Market

What better way to start the year than getting a little more insight and a whole lot more inspiration?!

Follow along with us, here in our design journal, and on the feed and stories of Instagram where we are explaining the best parts and biggest reasons for taking this time away.

Las Vegas Market didn't know what hit them!

For the last couple years, the pandemic has done its work to keep our team close to home. Sometimes that has meant missing out on some of the best events and collaborations of the year (Design Market definitely being one of them). Instead of taking our annual trip, we were forced to get creative and find more local ways to source inspiration. We had an amazing time soaking up all of the beauty along PCH, but were very excited to be able to venture out again.

This year, Alex and I opted in with nothing more than beauty on our minds and we were not let down. While some of the staples were missing, we made the most of our turnaround trip and left feeling rejuvenated.


What is Market?

Across the country at different seasons of the year, an inter-industry event is held for builders, designers and showrooms who appreciate being able to experience products, furniture and goods in person. This convention brings about the top names for furniture, décor, wall and window coverings, art, lighting, mirrors, and more, to best represent themselves in a stunning display of creativity and design innovation. We are able to meet with manufacturers, sit-test the furniture, ask all of the questions, and gain an understanding and appreciation for the structure, materials and curation of each perfect piece.

Why do we attend?

One of the fundamental parts of a professional design service is the recommendation and procurement of furnishings and decor. When we take the time to curate these beautiful spaces for you, it's crucial to have the resources to procure them and moreover, we need to be confident that they're worth it. Las Vegas Market puts us in front of our some of the best manufacturers of furniture in the country so that we can get familiar with the brands first hand. We get to touch the rugs, sit in the arm chairs, and discuss the price points to ensure that we can stand behind the furnishings we provide to you.

Can we all go?

Short answer, you can't. LVMKT is an industry event, that allows people within the industry to get the best insight on what's trending, available, and new in our world. Then we bring all that knowledge back to our amazing clients. When working with a designer, you get plenty of industry perks, but this exclusive event remains just for us (for now, anyway!)

We had a blast collecting creative inspiration and getting out of the office for a short stint. We even were able to meet up with Rick Campos of the Design Biz Survival Guide Podcast and are happy to announce we will be joining him on the show soon for a quick chat about our partnership and the future of KCID.

We're so excited to continue to share everything we have in store, but you'll have to stay tuned.


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