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Under lush and mature greenery in the beautiful city of Fullerton lies our next big project reveal. This full home transformation was one for the books and truly turned this dated house into the prettiest home on the block. We are thrilled to show you this beautifully understated space. It's as relaxing as the nature that surrounds and we are head over hills. (did you get that?)



Upon entering the home, we are met with bright walls, high ceilings and warm wood tones throughout. Our entry is quaint and narrow and draws your eye down toward the beautifully bright living spaces. Slatted partitions separate our clean entry from our spacious wellness room, a space left open for yoga, fitness and personal reflection. Textured wallpaper, thick linen drapery and minimal furniture that's major in scale make this wellness room relaxing and useful. A beautifully deep entry with tons to take in.

KCID INSIDER: Where the powder is now used to be a hallway leading to our Primary Suite. Adding this powder bathroom allows guest to stay in the entertaining spaces and gives the Primary bed and bathroom the privacy they deserve.



Clean and natural is the best way to describe this serene space. Removing all of the decorative details on the fireplace and kitchen millwork helped to modernize this room, while keeping some of the original charm. With warm wood tones continuing throughout, our once-traditional fireplace went contemporary with bold dark porcelain tiles. While minimizing the details, it still manages to be a show stopper!

Reconfiguring our island made our room grow by the foot and allowed for better flow. Bringing the greenery from outside in, we continued with pops of the moody hue to reflect all of the green right beyond the doors. Our island and accents contrast beautifully in the neutral space. Airy lighting and island seating help to add a touch of modern to our natural palette and we couldn't be more pleased.

KCID INSIDER: In his spare time, our client loves to travel and take photographs. While in Africa, he collected photos on the safari that we couldn't help but bring into the space. These large scale animal portraits are perfect to reflect the nature that abides in this space.



When we took on this small office, a working pass through from the hallway into their garden, we knew something bold needed to happen. Painting everything the perfect shade of green takes you to a special space. A serene white sofa, textured ceiling and vintage Chinese screen provide a calm that transcends.

What was previously the laundry room has since been transformed into brand new bathroom that moonlights as a pool bath when entertaining outdoors. Its durable porcelain and textured tile makes it sleek and interesting, yet still simple and timeless.

Back down the hallway, these hunter hexagon tiles were the perfect pop of green for this secondary bathroom. Bold yet simple, these materials are playfully balanced. Subtle textured geometric paper is the backdrop to this masterpiece.



A bright bursting breath of fresh air with a sleek, sophisticated and mature undertone. With accents from around the world paired with warm woods and cool metals to ground them, this space is meant for rest. Highlighting the clients' collectibles and pairing them with muted accents, truly allowing them to shine, makes this space one of our favorites. A slight glimmer can be caught in the updated new fireplace and the large scale porcelain shower tiles give us a glimpse of what living in spa could feel like.

In typical KCID fashion, aesthetics play a close second to function. Custom floating vanities and a built in water closet cabinet create endless storage in this space. A timeless stain and frameless mirrors adorn a glimmer in the backdrop, a subtle formality for a beautiful primary suite. Sometimes simple is still striking.


Follow along as we reveal this home on instagram tell us what your favorite parts of the design are! There's more to come of #FullertonHillsProject on Friday when we recap some of our favorite accessories from this tranquil love nest.

If you need help with your remodel or build this year, feel free to reach out here. We're already reserving summer and fall spaces, so don't delay!

Authentically yours,

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