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At Kennedy Cole Interior Design, we trade conventional design processes for an intuitive approach. You are the expert on your home and how it fits into your lifestyle. With that in mind, we begin every project by studying your daily practices and internalizing your habits, goals, and needs. Our understanding of your life at home becomes the foundation for our creative vision: an elevated, enduring home that majors in form and function. 


Our partnerships are built on our fundamental belief that design should be a collaboration. A home that is aspirational and inherently livable requires both expertise and personal perspective. We skirt the one-size-fits-all packages in favor of an edited process that centers around communication, transparency, and trust. 


We offer a full service design experience, meaning that we manage and perfect every detail from original concept to final styling. We liaise with preferred contractors throughout the construction phase to ensure that your home transformation is moving toward our mutual goal: a space that is an authentic extension of your life.

How can we help?

The first and most important step in our design process is establishing a connection with our clients. Help us get to know you better by filling out our inquiry form. We will be in touch soon to discuss next steps.


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