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Creating Space

Someone recently pointed out how seriously we take our shower details. It should go without saying that we take ALL design details very seriously, and this got us thinking about why every single detail in your home is an opportunity to live more authentically. Let's talk about niches!

Deane Gardens Project Photography by: Ryan Garvin

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It seems like such a small detail, but creating space inside of your shower is important! Too many of us struggle with shower clutter and when we can thankfully leave that plastic organizer hanging from the fixture head behind, you'll want to make sure you consider what kind of shower storage you really need. Over here, per usual, we are very specific about the details that are unique to you. How do you take shower? Are you relaxing or playing air guitar? What type of products do you purchase? Are you neat or do you have a lengthy routine with lots of products? All of those questions help to make choices that are authentic to you and show you that every shower detail, even as simple as a shampoo niche, is special.

Hermosa Row Photography by: Mellon Studio


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We love to incorporate niches throughout the bathroom rather than keeping them secluded in the shower. Whether it's taking the place of a medicine cabinet or giving your tub more landing space for bubble baths or candle-lit romance, we know there is something special about niches and ledges that bring a needed landing space without being intrusive.

For messy folks who like this look: STYLE IT. If you tend to collect things and stick them here, don't allow yourself the opportunity. Find beautiful canisters, jars, and other space-saving décor pieces that you love, and put your toiletries like tweezers, q-tips, and face creams inside of them leaving your space beautiful and functional. And look, if you know that you store way too much in your medicine cabinet, skip this look. Anything forced, isn't very authentic.

Quail Hill / Hermosa Row Photography by: Mellon Studio


no. 3


Location Matters.

When you're thinking of your shower, be intentional. Consider the location of your shower heads and handles. Do you have other shower features like a bench or steam unit to consider? How easy will your products be to reach? We had one of our clients meets us on-site to make sure that her lowest shampoo niche could moonlight as a shaving perch. A specific and unique detail that is functional and special.

If you want to go one step further, consider if you care what your view is upon entering the bathroom. Is the niche a beautiful feature along the back wall, with LED lighting that you want to show off? Or will it more likely be chock full of products you're trying out and should be tucked in a pony wall? Location location location.

What are the right dimensions?

Here's the thing, there's no right answer to this. When you're replacing a medicine cabinet, you typically have some parameters but when you're remodeling a shower, the options are kind of endless. We've installed niches that can only hold soap bars and razors, and niches that can hand two Costco-size shampoo bottles vertically. When you start with your function needs, niches can truly take on a mind of their own. Like all things in your home, they should be special for you.

Have Fun!

Mix it up. Try shapes, sizes, lighting, new materials, and whatever else will enhance your shower experience! Niches are functional and can be beautiful too.

Quail Hill Photography by: Mellon Studio


As you consider your next home project, we hope we've inspired you to consider your niches.

And if you're in need of more than niche help and are seeking a design team that considers every detail, don't hesitate to reach out to the team here at KCID. We are currently opening our books for the winter season and we can't wait to curate the best space-saving efforts for your home. Until then, keep living authentically.

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