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  • Lindsay Stokes Kennedy

Kenwood Estates Home Tour: Kids' Tour

We can't forget about the kids! This special stop on the tour is all about the kiddos and their beautiful spaces. Let's do it!


Play Room

This amazing space, right off of the Family Room, was perfect for easily keeping an eye on the little ones, while still maintaining the main great room as adult space. This beautiful play room was easy to put together as we maintained the hues of blue from the kitchen right into this space. As with all children's spaces, storage is a top factor and once we brought in the right pieces, it became a great space to learn and grow!

Big Brother's Room

There's often a happy medium to be found when doing young children spaces. Will they grow out of it soon? Will they change their minds? So in this space, we wanted to highlight this kid's love for space, by maximizing the impression on his way with beautiful decals that can change with time. Small but bold pops of orange make this room fun, and truly a space he can grow into.

Little Brother's Room

With little brother just across the hall, we needed to be sure that this room carried as much interest. With a love for animals, as most small children seem to have, it was easy to create a fun and playful menagerie for this young boy. A neutral room with undertones of blue and green make this a space he can definitely grow into with a swap of one or two childish additions. Finding the balance with playful spaces is really an act of learning what the child needs and what their into. We want to make sure that we curate usable spaces for children, rather than simply playful ones.


We love a good kid space and the future deserves it all. Tell us in the comments all about your favorite moments and what else you'd like to see. Then keep up with us on Instagram to get more kid space inspiration.


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