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  • Lindsay Stokes Kennedy

Shop the Look: Nighttime Necessities

Welcome to our new series: SHOP THE LOOK! In this look at nightstands and beside tables, we take a look into the best pieces for each function type! Bedside tables and everything we store on and inside them are such an important part of our lives. When designing spaces, this is one of the areas we focus in and ask detailed questions to really get to know our clients. Do you want storage? Can it be exposed? Do you eat or drink here? Do you like the look of wood or metal or both? Nightstands have endless possibilities and we’re here to show and prove!


Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, we earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase.

SHOP THE LOOK # 1 - Make the Master Major

You’ll likely hear me say a million times how much I value the master bedroom. It should be a special space for you, as the homeowner, to love and live and simply be. For clients envisioning a master with a hotel-like feel, we always recommend going for the wow factor.

In our Spinnaker Bay project, we featured a hardwired matte black sconce above an antique mirrored nightstand. We had quite the search to find these slim pieces for our cozy space, and styled them with some subtle and timeless decor.

Frames and natural elements, like geodes and stones, always create a well balanced space. This unpretentious space is ready for its lucky owners to lounge and enjoy!

SHOP THE LOOK # 2 - Show Your Style

We love to choose nightstand and bedside pieces that are as full of character as the rest of the house and you’d be surprised how many different styles exist. When shopping for your nightstands, consider how each piece will work for your lifestyle.

Do you really love a table for beside your bed, but need storage space? Then maybe go for a console with one drawer and a shelf. Don’t like your items on display? Maybe a traditional nightstand it is.

Do you work from bed often? Try a nightstand with a pull out tray! This option can give you enough space to write on, but can easily be tucked away when it’s not in use!

Tip #3 - Blend function with aesthetic

Some spaces, like guest bedrooms, may not get used day in and day out, but when guests do visit it’s not uncommon for them to need the limited table space they have. This is when you want to highlight the room, without going overboard with the styling.

Sticking with the traditional table lamp, you have the freedom to change things around when inspiration strikes. With only a stunning table lamp atop the nightstand, your guests have space to lay down their journal and cellphone, or even add their own photograph for the time being.

Dress up temporary items like a tray or the ottoman, so they can be easily removed. Don’t worry about the room feeling empty. It looks like clean and classic! Oh, and there’s less for you to dust! =)


The world of nightstands and bedroom styling is endless, but we hope that by breaking down some of our tips and tricks, you can achieve a hotel-like space in your own home! Now’s the time to learn all of our favorite tricks and shop from some of our favorite pieces. Not subscribed? What’re you waiting on? Want to find out how to have your entire space designed by us virtually? Contact us here.

Until next time, stay inspired!

Xoxo TSD Co.

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