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  • Lindsay Stokes Kennedy

Three Good Things : Working From Home

It’s that time of the week to stop and reflect on what has been good around here. In these crazy times, it’s sometimes hard to distinguish all of our comforts and blessings, but we’re here to relish in the positive and beautiful moments. Let’s go!


It’s been great to cuddle up at home with our families. With Alex being newly engaged and my 6 month old baby boy growing more and more, I would be lying if we didn’t say that we appreciate the break. Although interior design is our passion, it definitely takes us away from who we do it all for. I hope that everyone is hugging and kissing the ones closest to them!


It’s hard to think of a time when we didn’t have the internet, or even when it was so young that it didn’t have the reach we know and love. Thanks to the internet our time indoors isn’t nearly as limited as it could be. We communicate endlessly and thoroughly and it even has give us the beautiful gift of virtual design. Make sure that you check out our newest service now! Find out more here.


Streaming service subscriptions are at an all time high, I’m sure. So we’re enjoying the time to binge watch our favorite series, but also catch up on the Disney new releases with the whole family. Making movie night special is as simple as collecting some of our film time necessities. So grab your best throw blankets and pillows, some candles and your biggest bowl of popcorn to get the night started!

That’s all folks. Stay home. Stay well. Xoxo - TSD Co.

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