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The Kennedy Cole Era

Out with the old and in with the new!

For the last 3 years, THREE SALT DESIGN Co. has been a beautiful home for us, marked by innovation and customer service. We proudly poured it all into every project and every trusting client, making TSD Co. a huge part of our careers and lives, and a great addition to luxury design in Huntington Beach. We reviewed each unique experience and invested them into our design processes and customer service policies. We considered what facets of the design work we need time to develop and which we love to witness with the clients. From correspondence to material selections, construction procedures to the client portal, we took the time and did the work! Mostly because it's important to us that each of our clients receive our best creative space and the best remodel experience we can give, and sometimes that requires taking a step back to evaluate.

Surprisingly enough, last year came as a shock to us all, and we were given plenty of time to take a big look at ourselves. Reflection was much needed after a year like 2020, and we felt it was time to prioritize the pillars that our company was founded on and will continue to be our standard: authenticity and transparency. Pairing these alongside function and form, we have developed a brand that values the client relationship, one that best represents the service and skill we offer to our clients. Each unique project experience has pushed us to perfect our meticulous processes, just as our unique design perspectives have framed our curated design style. The natural evolution of our firm has encouraged us to be more authentic and transparent in our creative, personal and professional lives, elevating our branding and digital presence by coming forward more intentionally as the design duo behind the design firm.

We are so pleased to reintroduce ourselves as Kennedy Cole Interior Design.

KCID is a full-service interior design firm that is dedicated to creating authentically beautiful homes. We are so excited for this new era of design innovation and authenticity that we've committed to. We are grateful to our amazing clients, new and old, for standing with us and allowing our experiences guide to us to be better designers and people every day. We have nothing but deep appreciation for our skilled contractors and tradespeople who put their mind and muscle into each structure. A huge thank you to our vendors and artisans who have helped to put each amazing finishing touch on our projects. This marks the beginning of a new era and we can't wait to show you all that we have in store.

Along with this amazing new website, we have so much in store for the new year. Project Reveals, Before + Afters, Favorite Finds and so much more is in the lineup and we can't wait to share it all with you.


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