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Kenwood Estates Home Tour: The Entry

We are so excited to bring your our Kenwood Estates project. This beautiful home is nestled in the ever-growing city of Irvine, where our clients returned home to after spending some time in the Midwest. We worked with them on almost every inch of this beauty, making it work for their young family, to be a space that they can continue to see themselves grow in for years to come.

Let's start by walking through some of the amazing details of this home, starting with the entry and formal dining room. Even in only two spaces, we were able to jam-pack endless character and even more authentic details that make this a special home for our clients. Take a look!


The Entry + Stairs

The entry of your home is where most of the impact is made and we set out to create a bright and welcoming experience for all of our clients' guests. By brightening all of the walls and warming the stain on the railing, this home's entry makes a beautiful statement.

KCID Insider: We love finding space to create hidden and helpful storage. Under the stairs was the perfect place for a little concealed room that helps to store extra shoes without them being in the way - or makes a fun play space for the little ones!

The Lounge

This calm moment in the entry, we call our Lounge. We love to incorporate private spaces to have intimate conversation or a peaceful place to take your cup of coffee. We layered drapery on our large arched window for privacy and character, and added two small storage ottomans that are specific to shoes. When everything has a place, everything can be at peace.

KCID Insider: One of our favorite things to do when installing your home, is to include special memories throughout. This special moment was from when our clients were dating and now it sits front and center in the home they share with their two children years later. It's the little things...

The Formal Dining Room

Keeping a formal dining space for this family was critical for this young family. They wanted to be sure they could still host beautiful holidays for their extended family in their new home and this beautiful oval walnut table is the star of the show. Chairs upholstered in vegan leather makes them nearly indestructible and the subtly patterned wallpaper as the backdrop takes these formal details up a notch.


There is so much more goodness to come from this transitional family home (hint: that beautiful great room just through the archway) and we can't wait to share it. Make sure that you're subscribed for updates on this beautiful home and if you're excited to get the ball rolling on your own home project, we'd love to hear from you! Summer spaces are still open and we would love nothing more than to help you curate your authentically beautiful home. Until then...


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